Finding Your Passion

What it Means to Find Your Passion

Between my sophomore and junior year of college, me and a close friend had a dream of opening up a gym upon graduation. We knew that our gym would have basketball courts, indoor track, and cross-fit equipment that would only attract athletes who take sports seriously. Now that we’ve graduated, our idea of opening a gym has shifted toward the ideal of  “just finding a job.”

In the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about this ideal, and it turns out that it’s much more difficult than it sounds. In fact, it’s been nearly impossible finding a job that suits me well. Just recently, I watched a commencement speech by Jim Carrey that really hit home for me.

Although it’s tough to take Jim Carrey serious, he makes a couple good points. One, the decisions we make are either out of love, or fear. And two, any decision we make can lead to failure- so why not do what we love?

When thinking about career options, I think that we must ask ourselves what exactly we’re passionate about…

And whether we can find our passion within a job description.

For me, I don’t believe that passion belongs in our hearts when searching for a job. Expecting to find your passion in a job search is unreasonable. Too often have I seen people trying to find the perfect job.


For us college kids, such a job description doesn’t exist. Saying follow your passion doesn’t mean that you will find it by asking the universe to send the perfect job description.

Passion isn’t given, it’s developed.

Why not be relentless in developing your passion?

There are way too many people (especially with this graduating class) who expect instant gratification for a mere dream. Just think, everything that is popular  revolves around the idea that you can instantly get what you want.

If you’re mind’s stuck at the office and you need to know something, you can have it in seconds if you google search the correct terms.

If you make a type-o on an important document, all you have to do is hit the delete key.

In times of struggle, just think how committed people were in past generations, and understand how hard they had to work to overcome a problem.

Reflect upon this idea, and realize that nothing comes easy.

Be willing to go with the process, and learn to love it.

Whatever you decide to begin, do it to the utmost extent, because there’s always someone out there who will try harder.

Don’t just follow your passion, find your passion.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll develop a new passion along the way.

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