Lou Rodolico

Faculty instructor and Advisor

Rowan University


I first met Jason in his first semester in his senior year at Rowan University. He came into my office asking if there was any way that I could sign him into my Account Planning class. He has just gone through “hoops” to persuade the Dean’s office that he could handle the workload that he was taking on as well as continue playing on the basketball team. My decision to help Jason turned out to be mutually beneficial. His class work and final project turned out to be groundbreaking for me. He is the first student among more than one hundred in multiple classes to have actually created a “modeling” system for manufacturer/distributor/consumer for the electronic gaming industry. This task went over and above any requirements for the course. This same “over and above” demeanor reflected in his group work in our two key capstone classes Advertising Strategies and Campaigns, as well as who he is on and off the court. A good day is having a conversation with Jason. He is always willing to bring his energy to help with any situation.




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